The Essential Facial Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Essential facial

Benefits: Cleanse, balance and nourish

The Essential Facial using Naturaceuticals™ is a luxurious spa experience designed to support and nourish the skin. 

Harnessing the signature aromas and textures of a true Vanessa Megan treatment, your skin is expertly cleansed, massaged and rejuvenated with luxe serums and balms to calm, plump and soothe. Compliment your facial with your choice of hand, foot or head massage using the award-winning Peruvian Flower hand and body cream. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • 1 hour Essential Facial

Enhance your natural beauty and nurture your skin to glowing health with a luxurious facial experience. The Vanessa Megan Naturaceuticals™ range uses 100% natural ingredients in clinically proven formulations to rival invasive & synthetic based treatments. ​

Make time
for stillness.