Hammam Float Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Hammam float

Benefits: Detox and relax

Relax in a darkened room full of warm, aromatic steam before surrendering to a traditional cleansing ritual. Your skin will be brightened with a vigorous exfoliation using a Kessa glove. Hair is then washed and deeply nourished with a masque that restores silky softness. A luxurious and hydrating soap massage kneads away aches and soothes away tension before a warm rinse concludes your treatment. Emerge revitalised and invigorated. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • 1 hour Kessa Glove scrub, hydrating soap massage and hair wash and masque

Global customs inform and inspire steam rituals crafted for joy and delight. ​

Make time
for stillness.