Anahata Ritual Allow 4 1/2 Hours


Springs / Silk glove exfoliation / Golden Glow wrap / Coco Blossom hydration massage / Elemental Focus facial / Hair, scalp and foot treatment   

Intention: I love and honour myself

Benefits: Self-love and acceptance

Our Anahata Ritual is a luxurious journey of total skin, body and soul renewal that will connect to your heart centre with self-love and acceptance. 

After a smoothing silk glove exfoliation, you’ll be enveloped in a warm golden body mask rich in precious sandalwood, rose and jasmine oils to soften and purify your skin while soothing the mind. As the Golden Glow wrap works its wonders, your hair and scalp will be gently massaged with a customised treatment. Our luxurious full-body massage with Coco Blossom balm is designed to hydrate your skin while the natural linen cocoon, wrapped gently around you will infuse the balm deep into your skin. While you rest, allow your face to be lavished with five different levels of cleansing; aromatic infusions, elixirs and balms and a double mask treatment to nourish the skin. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • Silk glove exfoliation
  • Golden Glow wrap
  • Hair and scalp treatment
  • Coco Blossom hydration massage
  • Elemental Focus facial
  • Foot treatment

Aika spa journeys capture the essence and intention of our three pillars of wellness to purify, restore and rejuvenate on all levels – for the skin, body, mind and spirit. These truly luxurious and healing rituals combine Aika’s signature skin and body therapies and techniques for a uniquely holistic experience.

Make time
for stillness.