Our Water

For centuries, people across the globe from all cultures have sought the wonderful relaxation and restorative benefits of soaking in naturally heated water.

We use 100% geothermal water. This water contains naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium and is classified as a ‘sodium chloride bicarbonate spring’. The water is naturally heated to between 37oC and 43oC in underground aquifers 550 metres below the surface and used to fill our pools each day.

The therapeutic benefits of these waters are said to include the alleviation of neuralgia, bruising, articular rheumatism, stiffness of the shoulders, recovery from fatigue and muscular complaints.

How is the water extracted? The water reaches the surface at 43.6 C and is pumped to Alba’s pools control room. Here, the water passes through a sanitation system before being diverted to individual pools. The wastewater from the pools is collected in our underground storage tanks and pumped to our treatment facility, where it is cleaned and tested again before being re-injected underground, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the geo-thermal aquifer.

We cool water for our cold plunge pools. The heat extracted from this cooled water is collected and transferred into our wastewater so that the temperature we inject is the same as the temperature we extract. This means that we do not change the water quality throughout its use.

As well as our geothermal pools, Alba offers guests an array of bathing experiences including our rain pool (The Falls) and our seasonal pool (The Seasons) where the temperature changes over the year.

Alba’s freshwater needs are met through rainwater collection in 10,000 litre tanks, which are used for irrigating our gardens and for our onsite nursery.