Environment and Sustainability

We are proudly carbon neutral

From the first day of operation, Alba has been offsetting emissions using Trace. Trace works with businesses like ours, as we journey to net zero, providing support and helping us to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

Regenerating and replanting habitat

Regenerating remnant native bushland and enhancing the existing coastal Moonah woodland is a key element of Alba’s long-term vision for the landscape.

The early establishment of local trees, shrubs and ground covers, with mass plantings of grasses, sedges and lilies, has been important for both their beauty, weed and erosion control, soil enrichment and habitat creation.

Alba has engaged a nearby indigenous nursery to collect seed and propagate plants of local provenance. This will not only help replace species that have been lost due to past farming practices but will also encourage visitation and colonisation from a wide diversity of birds, insects and native wildlife.

Encouraging local fauna

Alba is home to many birds of prey, such as wedge-tailed eagles, harriers, falcons, black shouldered kites and Australian kestrels. More colourful avian visitors include parrots, black cockatoos, honey eaters, wrens, robins, fantails, finches, warblers and so many more.  

Grey kangaroos and black wallabies are occasionally sighted towards the northeast of the property and echidnas are common. The gardens are also home to blue-tongued lizards and tree dragons. 

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle
  • Renewable energy
  • Diversity
  • Buy local

Alba is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the elimination of single use items, such as coffee cups and water bottles. All food and beverages at Alba are served in re-usable or recyclable crockery and drinkware.

Amenities such as hand and body wash in our changerooms are offered in refillable bio-plastic containers to reduce packaging.

In our retail store, Alba-branded products, such as hand cream and bath salts, are packaged in bio-plastics. Outer packaging is only used for breakables.

Solar energy will be used in the maintenance facility and to maintain heat in a number of re-circulation pools. 

Alba respects people as individuals and values their differences. We are therefore committed to fostering a workplace culture that is fair and flexible, and that is characterised by inclusive practices and behaviours. We offer employment opportunities to candidates regardless of gender or gender orientation, age, ethnicity etc.

In particular, we aim to provide improved career development opportunities for groups who are typically under-represented in the workforce – such as people with disabilities, or people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent.

Wherever possible Alba sources local products. This includes everything from professional expertise to the vegetables on our Thyme menu. Buying local not only creates local jobs and contributes to local prosperity, it also reduces the environmental impact of long-haul transportation. Buying local also means that our guests can enjoy a unique, quintessentially Peninsula experience.

The Traditional Owners

Alba invites you to embrace Bunurong First Peoples stories and dreaming held within our landscape and join us in acknowledging their generosity and custodianship of Country.