Vedic Warrior (60 min) Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Vedic Warrior massage

Benefits: Invigorating deep-tissue muscular relief

Blending ancient Kalari martial arts with Marma massage techniques, our powerfully invigorating Vedic Warrior massage is designed to strengthen and tone the muscles while releasing deep seated tension.   

Honing in on the Marmas and Chakras, vital energy points, your therapist will apply a custom blend of Ayurvedic herbal oils in an energetic treatment to shift stagnant energy and increase the flow of Prana, your vital energy force. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • 1 hour Vedic Warrior massage

Our holistic massage’s are drawn from authentic Ayurvedic and ancestral healing modalities and then combined with the therapeutic benefits of Aika’s certified organic body oils, Ayurvedic aromatherapy and herbs. These treatments include guided pranic breath, yogic stretching, subtle energy body work and guided relaxation for total body-mind healing. ​

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