Feminine Lullaby (60 min) Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Feminine Lullaby massage

Benefits: Soothing reconnection and realignment perfect for all women, including pregnant women

Honouring the life cycles of a woman

This nurturing and supportive body massage uses a gentle combination of rhythmic spiralling movements and a soothing touch. It promote a journey of reconnection, realigning energy flow and enhancing balance and wellness. Safe for pregnancy and during other life cycles, this lovely treatment invites a surrendering of all stress and tension. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • 1 hour Feminine Lullaby massage

Rest, rebalance and renew with the healing power of massage. Your therapy will begin with a consultation to evaluate your lifestyle and the desired outcome of your treatment, after which you are invited to close your eyes, breathe and receive. ​

Make time
for stillness.