Elemental Focus Facial Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Elemental Focus facial

Benefits: Cleanse, nourish and hydrate skin

Our Elemental Focus facial offers a bespoke, targeted therapy to leave your skin feeling cleansed, nourished and hydrated.  

Focusing on five levels of cleansing from clay cleansers to Ayur-aromatic compresses and gentle polishing, this facial purifies the skin for optimal radiance. Softness and balance is returned with a tailored mask that is freshly activated for optimum skin renewal to soothe, hydrate or clarify. Enriching botanical tonics, powerful plant elixirs and hydrating balms are massaged for deep skin nourishment and protection. 

  • 1 hour springs experience
  • 1 hour Elemental Focus facial

High on touch, Aika facials flow with the energy and hands of the therapist with the potent synergy of pure organic skincare to help the skin harmoniously re-connect to its innate intelligence. Aika’s signature meditative facial massage complements the facials and works along the Ayurvedic subtle energy pathways of the shoulders, neck, face and head unblocking and promoting the flow of Prana along the Nadi’s, Marma’s and Chakras. This signature massage releases long held tensions, drains lymph, improves circulation and is firming, lifting and radiance inducing. ​ ​

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