Aika Affusion Allow 2 1/2 hours


Springs / Aromatic herbal salt exfoliation / Vichy shower 

Intention: I am alive and inspired

Benefits: Purify skin, restore balance, increase circulation

Designed to restore harmony and balance, Aika Affusion combines a full-body salt exfoliation with a luxurious Vichy shower for the ultimate Ayurvedic experience.   

Enjoy a bespoke exfoliation using crystals which contain 84 essential minerals, perfectly customised for your Ayurvedic dosha. Whether you need detoxifying, calming or revitalising, our expert blend of Ayurvedic herbs, organic plant oils and therapeutic grade plant essences re-mineralise, attending to your mind and body needs. Skin texture is visibly improved and your circulation is boosted, aiding lymphatic drainage. Your treatment concludes with a warm Vichy shower, designed to leave you feeling balanced and refreshed. 


  • 1 hour springs experience
  • Aromatic herbal salt exfoliation
  • Vichy shower

Warm healing mineral waters cleanse and refresh on all levels. ​

Make time
for stillness.